Grilled Pork Loin Chop, Country Style, a Great Dinner Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated


It has actually warmed up to above freezing so I decided to grill last night. We had some Country Style Pork Loin Chops. I grilled them and some potato wedges (next post). She Who Must Be Obeyed made a salad and we had a great meal.

I started by rubbing the pork with a generous portion of Cabela’s Open Season Jamaican Island Rum Seasoning. I thought its Jerk type seasonings would go well with my home made sweet barbecue sauce.

I grilled the pork over a medium flame on my Weber Genesis for about 15 minutes turning and basting with barbecue sauce to glaze. They had an internal temperature of 150 F when I took them off.


The Verdict

This was very tasty. A slight heat and sweet spice mixed with a sweet barbecue sauce was perfect. Easy, quick, good.

The Old Fat Guy

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