Spring Planting

The snow is finally gone and we have some warm weather. It has given me the chance to plant my peas, onions, lettuce and spinach. I also put out some tomato plants but I have to protect them with Cozy Coats so the remaining frosty days don’t get to them.

Also, the garlic I planted last fall had come up before the snow was gone! Now they are a few inches high.

I do love growing my own food! Oh, yeah. She Who Must Be Obeyed planted some flowers. OK. I guess.

The Old Fat Guy.

3 thoughts on “Spring Planting”

  1. 🎏hi David, when you are planting Vegas they produce such beautiful 🌸 flowers 🌺.
    So your have edible vegeflowers.
    Have u tried smoking Vegas. How about potatoes or squash or corn 🌽

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