Chinese Noodle and Shrimp Party Platter

Chinese Noodle Platter

I am still posting the dishes from my birthday dinner. She Who Must Be Obeyed made this and a Rum Cake for the meal. As much as I like smoked beef and chicken wings, this was the star of the party.

I can’t post the recipe because it is from a copyrighted cook book but this recipe was so good, I had to comment on it.

It is from Anne Lindsay’s New Light Cooking. It has simple ingredients, can be made quickly and has an incredible fresh taste. This will be made many more times as a summer meal or a light luncheon meal. The seasonings are bright, the soy doesn’t over power and everyone had seconds.

We have several of Anne Lindsay’s cookbooks. Normally, “healthy” cookbooks have recipes that may be low in fat, salt and sugar but the results taste like cardboard. Anne Lindsay’s books have recipes that are healthy but don’t give up any taste. I recommend them strongly.

The Old Fat Guy

2 thoughts on “Chinese Noodle and Shrimp Party Platter”

  1. OK now THAT just looks tremendous!

    What a birthday!!!

    It sounds like each course was sensational!!!

    Cheers! – Leah

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