Consumers Must Hold Government Inspectors Responsible

I read this article on the CBC site, BC Bakery caught selling mislabeled organic bread.
In case the link breaks, it is regarding a baker who deliberately used regular flour and then sold his bread as organic bread for an extended period. There was a recommendation from the inspector and his manager to prosecute. The highest levels of the government department not only decided to not prosecute, but kept the information from retailers and the public until the news agency demanded the information through information requests.

I don’t care how you feel about organic food, genetically modified food or any of these issues. I do care that our government seems to fail to take its responsibility seriously. Here in Canada we had a major meat recall that is largely believed to have been caused by the government going to self policing at meat processing. There is a ban in the US and here on labeling genetically foods. Now, when there is a blatant fraudulent mislabeling, nothing is done.

We have a right to have information on the food we buy so we can make our own choices.

The status quo just isn’t good enough.

The Old Fat Guy

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