Cabela’s Open Season Pecan Honey Seasoning Mix


Cabela’s Open Season Pecan Honey Seasoning Mix is the third of the three seasoning mixes I was given for Christmas. I generously rubbed it into two pork chops and grilled them over medium high heat to an internal temperature of 160 F. You can cook pork to as low as 145 F but She Who Must Be Obeyed doesn’t like even a touch of pink in her pork.


This seasoning mix is quite unusual and took me back on the first bite. The sweet of the honey is added to by the richness of the pecan and is very different from most meat rubs I have tried. Not much heat and a different sweet than brown sugar rubs. However, as I got over the surprise, I quite like it. It gives a different yet pleasant taste to pork. I think it would really shine as a seasoning on a ham.

The Old Fat Guy

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