Is International Trade Affecting the Safety of Our Food?

I recently read an article on the CBC site.

In case the link dies, the thrust of the article is that large portion of China’s agricultural land is becoming more and more polluted to the point that food grown in those areas is tainted. It also discusses how that food is being sold regardless of this hazard.

Why should we be concerned about this? I am no expert on trade but I do know that a lot of our garilc and tea comes from China. I also know that apples and other foods find their way into processed food here in North America. Some very basic research shows that food from China may be included in products that are labelled made in Canada. I suspect the same is true in the US.

I believe we need truth in advertising. If a product says it is made in Canada, the US or Botswana, it should be made from that location and should note if it has ingredients from other countries.

I would like to avoid eating food from China considering its record of poor enforcement of health standards. How about you?

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