Cabela’s Open Season Jamaican Island Rum Seasoning

Cabellas Jamaican Rum

My brother, my niece and their families gave me a package of Cabela’s Open Season Spice Blends for Christmas.

I tried the Jamaican Island Rum Seasoning on some cheap pork chops

last night. I rubbed some olive oil onto each chop and sprinkled a generous portion of the seasoning mix over each. I grilled them over medium high heat to an internal temperature of 155 F.

The Verdict

The Jamaican Island Rum Seasoning had flavours reminiscent of jerk spice. It wasn’t as strong on the allspice but definitely makes you think of jerk. I did put on what I thought was a lot of seasoning and it added a nice touch of heat and interesting flavour. I would add even more next time though. Obviously, it won’t meet my tastes as well as a home made blend I developed but if you are looking for a good commercial spice mix, this is tasty and easy. I would buy it again.

It would go very well on pork or chicken. I also think it would be a great rub for ribs to vary from the usual sweet rubs that are traditionally used on ribs. I look forward to trying that and will post it when I do.

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