My Take On Breakfast

This post was originally posted on November 15, 2013 but was lost in a catastrophic web loss.

I hate breakfast. I don’t just dislike it, I really hate it. When I get up, I am just not hungry for the first hour and the thought of food is akin to French kissing your grandmother. I hate breakfast.

That being said, when I retired I could take a bit longer before I eat. I reluctantly started eating  breakfast. Also, She Who Must Be Obeyed, really likes breakfast. In order to curry favour with
her, I started making breakfasts for her. As I started eating breakfast I discovered breakfast could be tolerable.

When I take the time to prepare breakfast, the actual act of cooking made me hungry. If I am feeling lazy, I have a bowl of all bran or corn bran cereal and a piece of fruit. In winter, I have a bowl of instant oatmeal. Surprisingly, I didn’t die and I actually enjoyed some of the breakfast meals.

Other benefits accrued. I used to be famished by mid-morning and I would start snacking in the morning, usually not healthy snacks. Now, I am not hungry until lunch time and I am ready for a substantial healthy lunch.

I give eating breakfast some credit for my weight loss. This is even with me having bacon, sausages or ham every second or third day.
Another benefit I noticed was I became more relaxed as I made time to make and enjoy breakfast.

So, if you don’t like breakfast, suck it up buttercup. Make time, eat breakfast and you will feel better.

Old Fat Guy

2 thoughts on “My Take On Breakfast”

  1. Hilarious breakfast rant! That all makes sense!

    And while I start with just 16 ounces of black coffee (at 3 a.m. on each day), and then move onto eating fruit circa 4 or 4:30; I do have my full, enormous, and certainly my “largest meal” of the day, come 10 o’clock. (Unless schedules dictate that it gets moved on occasion).

    That being said, here is to waking up early! Eating early! And showing up for things early as well!

    A great read you’ve given us here! Well done! Cheers! – Leah

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