Cabela’s Kansas City Barbecue Sauce and Kansas City Rub, Made a Nice Pork Chop



I picked up some Cabela’s Kansas City Rub and Sauce. I usually prefer to make my own rubs and sauces but it nice to have stuff on hand to make a quick meal.

I wanted a quick test so I did some pork chops. I started by rubbing the chops with a generous amount of the rub.

Cabelas sauce

I threw it on a medium high grill for about 5 minutes.

Cabelas sauce1


I flipped it and gave it a generous brushing of the sauce. I cooked it for about 5 more minutes to an internal temperature of 155 F.

The Verdict

This is a very good commercial rub and sauce. The rub isn’t over salted and has a nice tang. The sauce is very flavourful with some spice bite but not really hot. This is a very good combination that I will use when I am too lazy to make my own. If you were to use it on your smoked ribs, I believe you would be pleased.

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