Great Snacks

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Today, She Who Must Be Obeyed and I had a later breakfast. We loaded up on home made bacon, home made sausages and blueberry Coyote Pancakes. As a result, we weren’t hungry at lunch time.

In the early afternoon we started to get peckish. We could have done what most people do, open a bag of store bought cookies or chips. Instead, we sliced up two nice cheddars and some nice Danish blue cheese. We put them on a plate with low salt Triscuits and whole wheat and whole grain crackers.

I won’t say this snack was “healthy” but it was delicious and had real food value instead of a chocolate bar or chips. They actually have grains and real cheese.

Start buying real food for snacks. They don’t take long to put together and you will be dining instead of eating.

The Old Fat Guy

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