Beat Black Friday, Give Food

I don’t know about you but I really hate the Christmas shopping that begins on Black Friday and all the commercialism. I always seem to pick gifts that end up in somebody’s drawer never to be seen again. Even worse, I receive clothes that are the wrong size or have Rudolph on them with a nose that lights up. The last thing I need is more stuff and the same goes for most of my adult friends and relatives.

The answer to this problem is food. Get together with your friends and relations and suggest the adults can only give consumables to each other. If you love cooking, like I do, you get the fun of making cookies, preserves, or savouries for your friends and family. If not, you just have to go to a high quality store and get some fine baking, cheese, or something you know the recipient loves.

My father in law used to love nuts. My wife loves fine cognac but won’t buy it because it is too expensive. She also makes the best rum truffles ever created. All the family wants them.
Besides making Christmas easier, you will receive treats from all your friends and family. I love it!

I suggest my solution is fun, tasty and brings people together to enjoy fine food. The perfect holiday!

The Old Fat Guy

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