Food and Wine

Is there anything better than a good glass of wine and a fine meal?

The problem is the wine “experts” try to insist that there are only certain wines that go with specific foods. If you believe this, the cheque is in the mail, the doctor says it is just a cold sore and I have some land available in Florida. It is true there are some  characteristics of some wines have that tend to go better with some foods. For example:

• Wines high in tannin (the slightly bitter taste that almost feels like grit in young wines) go well with high protein foods like beef and cheese because the protein cuts the tannin sensation.
• I find higher acid wines, Barolo or Chianti, go well with high fat foods or pasta, as they seem to clear the tongue.
• If serving roast pork or lighter flavoured meats, I actually prefer a flavourful white like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay over red. If I want a red, I go to a lighter one like a California Red blend.
• For poultry, I like a complex wine like a strong Chardonnay. I even like a smooth red, maybe a Pinot Noir.
• For light seafood, I like the fruit overtones of a Sauvignon Blanc. For stronger fish like salmon, I like the smooth body of a Pinot Noir.
• A cheese plate needs powerful flavours and some tannin doesn’t hurt. A strong Cabernet Sauvignon or Port. For white, I love Sauterne.
• Of course, Ice wine is a dessert in itself.

However, these are my tastes! Use my tastes or other pairing suggestions as a guide. Take your favourite wine and try it with different dishes. If you like it, you have a great pairing. If you lose
the taste of the wine or food, or you don’t like the combination then you have found a pairing that doesn’t work.
Try opening two very different bottles of wine and trying them both with a meal. You’ll find out what combinations work for you not the wine “experts”.
Great food and drink is about finding what suits you and having fun experimenting. What could be more fun than trying different wines?

The Old Fat Guy

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  1. Discussing food and wine was great for me, and I would love to see you have some more discussions like this. The taste of wine with food is one of the best feelings in the world, and if you don’t agree with that, you are out of your mind.

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