Cabela’s Chicken Rub

Cabellas Chicken Rub1


I picked up some Cabela’s Chicken Rub. Normally, I like to make my own rubs but it is nice to have something around for quick meals.

The best way to see if a rub is tasty is to use it by itself. I rubbed down some boneless skinless chicken breasts and grilled them for about 5 minutes a side over medium heat until they were at an internal temperature of 165 F.

Cabellas Chicken Rub

I served them with coleslaw and pasta salad.

The Verdict

This has a nice taste and isn’t too spicy. The only downside is that it tastes salty to me. This is my problem over the product as I have cut back on my salt intake and seem to be more sensitive to salt. Regardless, it is a nice rub with a full taste. I would have no problem buying it again.

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