Food That Is “Bad” For You

I have read lots of information on what to eat and not to eat. I have tried many diets and deprivations. The problem is that if I try to switch to a diet of twigs and branches, I feel like I am not enjoying life and I always fall off the diet. I just need some “real” food sometimes.

However, I have found there are things that just don’t cut it. Potato chips, sweetened pop and chocolate bars for example. They are just pure sugar and fat and I have almost totally removed them from my diet. However, I have replaced them with fruit, salsa, cheese, and the occasional home baking. Some of the replacement items like the cheese and baked goods are relatively high in fat and sugar but nothing like the commercial snacks and they taste way better. I just
don’t eat them often or in large amounts.

The same thing applies to some other “don’t eat” items like ham, pulled pork and steak. When I tried to eliminate these from my diet, I missed them and always fell off the wagon. Now, I eat them but I limit my portions to about 4 ounces.
I am not slim but I have lost weight, lowered my cholesterol and lowered my blood pressure. I don’t think any home made food is “bad” for you eaten in moderation. You have to live.

The Old Fat Guy

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