A Food Lover Must Be Flexible

This was originally posted November 22, 2013. It is being reposted due to a catastrophic back up failure by my Web Host.

We are having a bit of a fancy dinner today. The local supermarket had a sale on a smoked pork picnic shoulder. So, pork picnic shoulder and scalloped potatoes were called for. I will post on those efforts later.

I was also out of English Muffins and we needed groceries. It sounded like a full day. We headed off to buy groceries and She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted to go to Home Depot for Black Friday. We went and she found two light fixtures she wanted and asked me to put them up this afternoon.

I pointed out I already had pork picnic shoulder, English muffins and scalloped potatoes pending this afternoon. I didn’t think I’d have time. After input from the missus, it was determined I was wrong. So, as I take a brief break and type this, The ham is cooking, the English muffins are done and the light fixtures are in. I will start the scalloped potatoes shortly.

It was a good thing the missus was here to correct me.

The Fat Old Guy

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