Old Bay With Blackened Seasoning, OK Seasoning, Not So OK For Blackened Spice

This was originally posted on February 21, 2014. It has been reposted due to a catastrophic back up failure by my web host.

Blackened Cod

I like Old Bay Spice and I like blackened fish. This product seemed like a natural.  I started with a piece of cod. I melted some butter in a cast iron pan over high heat. As soon as it melted, I put the cod in the butter and turned it. I put it on a plate and gave both sides a generous dusting of the Old Bay With Blackened Spices

Blackened Cod1

I let the pan get hot until the butter was just starting to smoke and cooked the cod until some black formed on each side and the internal temperature was 150 F.

Blackened Cod2

The Verdict
I have to admit I was disappointed. When I blacken fish with a homemade spice mix, there is some heat and the flavours are strong. This fish was tasty with a nice Old Bay flavour but not the strong spicy coating I am used to. I can not recommend this product for blackened fish. It tastes like a little spicier Old Bay seasoning, not a strong pepper/herb based blackened spice.

That being said, the flavour was like a kicked up Old Bay Seasoning regular mix. I will likely use this spice in place of the original Old Bay Seasoning in Recipes. I think it will be great in chowders.

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