Mini Smoked Pork Loin

Mini Smoked Pork Loin


I had made my WSM Mini and it was time to give it a try. I started by putting a layer of lump charcoal in the basket of the mini. Then I lit about 1/3 of a lighting chimney with coals and lit them. I poured the lit coals on the unlit ones in the basket and put the mini together, opening all the vents.

Mini Smoked Pork Loin1

While the smoker was heating up, I put salt, pepper, onion and garlic powders on a pork loin that was a little over 2 pounds. I also rubbed 2 baking potatoes with olive oil. The smoker had reached 270 F but I had hoped to get it over 300 F. I have since been told that I need to use more charcoal and light more of it if I want those temperatures.
I put 3 chunks of well aged plum wood on the coals. This was a mistake. All 3 chunks on burning coals resulted in enough smoke to obscure a naval destroyer. Fortunately, this thinned out over the next ten minutes. Again, I have been advised by more experienced users. Put the wood in so the coals will only light one chunk at a time.
I put the pork and potatoes on the Mini. and put the cover on.

Mini Smoked Pork Loin2


After 20 minutes, I turned the pork and the potatoes. Then I continued cooking for 30 minutes when the internal temperature of the pork was 155 F. I wrapped the roast in foil and let it sit for 10 minutes. One of the potatoes was fully cooked but the other needed a minute in the microwave.

Mini Smoked Pork Loin3

She who must be obeyed made a terrific Deli Style coleslaw and a feast ensued.

The Verdict: This was an excellent meal but I need some practice getting the use of charcoal right in the Mini. There was a bit more smoke than I would like but using one piece at a time by arranging them in the coals will help. This is easier to do if you put the lit coals on one side of the basket instead of on top. However, overall, I liked it. I will do more loins in the Mini.

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