Grilled Old Bay Salmon

Grilled Old Bay Salmon

We had a piece of spring salmon. She Who Must Be Obeyed didn’t want it smoked but likes a touch of smoke flavour. So I decided to grill it with smoke.
I had previously tried Old Bay Blackening Spices and blogged on it. I didn’t care for the mix as blackening spices. I tried them just as a sprinkle on seasoning for this salmon dish.

First, I put the salmon on a piece of foil and tore the foil to the shape of the salmon. Then I sprinkled on a generous amount of the Old Bay Blackening Spices.

I put some apple chips in a cast iron smoking box and put that right on a burner on my Weber grill. I turned that burner on high until smoke started to wisp out. The I put the salmon on a part of the grill that did not have a lit burner underneath it and turned the lit grill to medium. I closed the lid and cooked over indirect heat until the salmon was firm and the internal temperature was 155 F. My fillet was pretty thin and it only took 30 minutes.

The missus made a salad and some pasta and we were set.

Grilled Old Bay Salmon1

I really like the Old Bay Blackening spices just as a seasoning for the salmon. This method of grilling gives just a hint of smoke and a nice moist piece of salmon. Give it a try!

The Old Fat Guy

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