First Look At London. Surprise, There Was Food

We took the train from Birmingham to London. It was a nice way to see the countryside. When we got to our hotel. We started with a pint of cider. You must remain hydrated. Then we headed off for a random walk.


After an hour of so, of course, our strength was waning and we went to a pub called the Ship and Shovel. Good find! The fish and chips I had were crispy on the outside and tasty on the inside. She Who Must Be Obeyed had a crispy chicken sandwich. The chicken wasn’t some preformed chicken product, it was a chicken breast seasoned and breaded. Very nice. Being in London, we had it with an Italian lager, Perone. Also very nice.


Weary from travelling, we ate dinner in the hotel restaurant, L’Italiano. I had a very nice pasta with a pleasant trebbiano. The missus made me have cheesecake for dessert.


The main thing I noticed about food in London, it is expensive. Even in the Stourbridge area, meals were expensive by North American standards but London is even higher.

All in all, we enjoyed our arrival in London.

The Old Fat Guy

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