Last Day In Dublin, Steak and Guiness!


After another great breakfast at our guest house, we headed into Dublin. The Concierge at the Brooks Hotel recommended a pub called the Hairy Lemon for real Irish pub food. I am indebted to him.

Last Dublin 1

I finally broke down and ordered the Steak and Guinness. It was absolutely delicious. I will have to make this.

She Who Must Be Obeyed had a salmon and Dublin bay prawn salad that she said was stellar too.

For dinner She Who Must Be Obeyed told me I had decided on Mexican food. We went to Acapulco Mexican Restaurant.

Last Dublin 2

I had the chicken fajitas and the missus had chicken skewers. There was nothing wrong with it but it wasn’t particularly good either. I guess you shouldn’t look for Mexican food in Dublin.

The Old Fat Guy

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