Great Food In Killarney


We started with another great guesthouse breakfast. This morning I went with Irish soda bread and a selection of cheeses. The Irish make a wonderful array of delicious cheese.

We headed off to Killarney and went to a restaurant called Trevauds. It was a little pricy but the food was marvelous. They made a fish chowder that was spiced nicely but respected the
fresh fish and shellfish.

With trepidation I ordered Irish meatballs served over Colcanon. I have always been leery about trying Colcanon. The ingredients include cabbage and root vegetables cooked and mashed. It just sounds strange. I was wrong. The spices and ham in it make it wonderful.

This is another time that taking a chance paid off.

For dinner we went to a local pub, McSweeney’s. I thought I would go lighter and order a burger. It was huge! However, I did try Smithwicks Irish Ale and I am hooked.

The Old Fat Guy

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