Bangers and Mash, What Else Are You Going to Eat in Dublin


We started off with another Irish guest house breakfast. It is almost like they want o show off. I had a fruited oatmeal that was wonderful.

We ended up at Howth, a seaside community north of Dublin. We bought prawns and fish and chips from a food truck on the fishing pier. They were fresh Dublin bay prawns and they were incredible.

First, they were obviously fresh. Then she dredged them in a breading mixture. Then  she poured a thin batter over them and deep fried them very quickly. They were among the best prawns I have ever had.

Dinner was at Paddy Cullen’s Pub. I had a big mess of bangers and mash. Hardly fancy but very good. We had it with Smithwicks Irish Ale. Another new find we really enjoy.

The Fat Old Guy

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