Tonight, Pasta In Dublin


Our first full day in Dublin was Good Friday. In Ireland, there are no liquor sales allowed and many businesses are closed. Fortunately, our guesthouse, the Ariel House supplied a great breakfast.

I had pancakes with streaky bacon. It is similar to our bacon but is leaner has a milder smoke and cure. I liked the leaner part but I missed the full on smoke flavour.

We went to a great hitorical site, Newgrange. There are huge tunnel tombs there that are 1000 years older than the pyramids. However, the interesting part for this foodblog was a dessert we got at a nearby farm attraction called Banofee pie. It is a banana, custard, cream and biscuit dessert that is to die for.

When we got back to Dublin, we were a little concerned about the dinner meal. However, we wandered a bit and found a small Italian restaurant, Al Boschetto. They made a perfect spaghetti for me and tasty ravioli for the missus. It was unusual to have pasta without wine though.

It was pointed out that even the Vatican doesn’t ban liquor sales on good Friday. Go explain the Irish!

The Old Fat Guy

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