Milk Can Dinner

Milk Can Dinner at

Some very kind friends in Montana invited my friend and me for golf and a football game. They spoiled us rotten in many ways including a great and different dinner!

They layered bratwurst and vegetables in a milk can, added beer and heated it over a propane burner. Then the contents were dumped into a clean cooler and everyone helped themselves.



The Verdict

This made a really great meal. All the vegetables were fully cooked but still had a great firm texture. There was a great flavour that spread through all.

I will have to investigate this and try it myself. Now I just have to persuade She Who Must Be Obeyed that I need a milk can.

The Old Fat Guy

Lloyd’s Salt and Pepper Wings

Lloyd's Salt and Pepper Wings at

In my last post I made a version of Piri Piri Wings for a friend who can’t eat garlic or onion. When guests come over, can really serve them only one variety of wing appetizer? I guess you could but who would want to. So, I did a version of Salt and Pepper Wings that used the same garlic infusion as the Piri Piri Wings. Continue reading Lloyd’s Salt and Pepper Wings