Butterball Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breast

Butterball Stuffed Turkey Breast at oldfatguy.ca

Ok, I know I rail against fast and convenience food. However, there is a time and place for everything. This Christmas dinner we were already making rolls from scratch, Christmas pudding, salads, roast potatoes, gravy and dessert sauce. Also, there was only going to be four for dinner. I decided to give myself a break and try a Butterball Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breast. Continue reading Butterball Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breast

Merry Christmas From The Old Fat Guy

Christmas Picture

I find myself at peace this Christmas. It has been a good year. I am married to a great person. Friends are coming for Christmas dinner. I am as healthy as an old fat guy can be.

It makes me think of many who don’t have shelter, fine food or even hope. May we reach out a hand to those who need it.

To all of you, I wish a Christmas of good food, much love and great joy.

To my friends who do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you peace and contentment now and for the New Year.

I thank everyone for being part of my wonderful world.

The Old Fat Guy

Moist Burgers

Moist Burgers at oldfatguy.ca

She Who Must Be Obeyed loves me. That is a good thing, mostly. The first problem is she wanted grilled burgers. What the heck. It is only minus 10 and she is nice to me. I am willing to don my toque and  brave the elements for the woman I love.

Next, in an attempt to keep me healthy, she buys extra lean ground beef. The problem is, burgers need some fat or they are dry and not very appetizing. This is exacerbated by the need to cook burgers thoroughly to prevent Ecoli poisoning. Sigh, what to do? Continue reading Moist Burgers