Crab Apple Jelly (The Old Way)

Crab Apple Jelly the Old Way at

I have a crab apple tree. It produces crab apple prolifically. I have a sweet tooth. Crab Apple Jelly is a natural.

I have always used an old fashioned long boil to make my jelly. However, using commercial pectin is easier and more fool proof. Being a fool, I wondered about trying the commercial pectin method. So, I did both. This post is the old long boil method with no commercial pectin added. Continue reading Crab Apple Jelly (The Old Way)

Beers Knees

Beers Knees at

My best buddy, Bill, is a nice guy who has humoured me on my cocktail experimentation. However, he does come up with some different suggestions on his turn. He found this recipe on the Aviation American Gin site. It has two problems. One, the local liquor store in the Canadian Rockies didn’t have Aviation American Gin. Two, I hate cocktails with beer.

I substituted a good quality gin which solved the first problem.

As for the second problem, I was wrong and Bill was right (I hate it when that happens). It was delicious. Continue reading Beers Knees

Sliced Cucumbers with Chives, Yogurt and Basil

Sliced Cucumber with Chives, Yogurt and Basil at

I had a request for She Who Must Be Obeyed’s recipe for Sliced Cucumbers. The problem I was confronted with is that it is from a copyrighted book, The Lighthearted Cookbook by Anne Lindsay. We have a whole series of her cook books and use them often. Even if I was legally entitled to reproduce the recipe, I would be loathe to. Anne Lindsay wrote great books and I shouldn’t be giving away her recipes. The problem was solved when I found the recipe posted on the internet. Continue reading Sliced Cucumbers with Chives, Yogurt and Basil