Make Your Own Smoker, If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

This was originally posted on May 21, 2014. It has been reposted due to a catastrophic back up failure by my web host.

I am an old guy who likes to cook. I am not a metal worker and I am not handy. However, my Bradley Smoker has one weakness. It doesn’t get to a very high temperature and some dishes smoke better at high heat, like chicken. So, I was inspired by Smoking Meat Forums and built a WSM Mini. It is a small charcoal smoker built from a tamale pot and a Weber Smoky Joe charcoal barbecue. Neither are particularly expensive. Continue reading Make Your Own Smoker, If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

Potatoes Are In The Ground

Potato in Ground 2


Part of eating great food is growing great food. I started the garden a couple of weeks ago but I never feel like I have really started vegetable gardening until I put the potatoes in the ground. We have been letting them sprout on the counter for about 10 days and today we dug the trenches and planted them.

Potato in Ground 1

Last week we planted tomatoes outside and put them under Kozy Coats (the red water filled shelters you see). We need protection because there is still a risk of frost here in the mountains. The third picture shows the pea trellis. We actually have snow peas sprouting.
Behind the trellis is 9 pepper plants we put in the ground with protection.

The garlic was planted last fall and is going great guns. The spinach I planted 2 weeks ago is sprouting and there are signs of lettuce and green onions coming up.

Potato in Ground

The rhubarb is ready to start harvesting, my haskaps are flowering and the walking onions are over a foot tall.

Potato in Ground 3

One of the best parts of gardening is anticipating the great food!

The Old Fat Guy