Great Food In Killarney


We started with another great guesthouse breakfast. This morning I went with Irish soda bread and a selection of cheeses. The Irish make a wonderful array of delicious cheese.

We headed off to Killarney and went to a restaurant called Trevauds. It was a little pricy but the food was marvelous. They made a fish chowder that was spiced nicely but respected the
fresh fish and shellfish.

With trepidation I ordered Irish meatballs served over Colcanon. I have always been leery about trying Colcanon. The ingredients include cabbage and root vegetables cooked and mashed. It just sounds strange. I was wrong. The spices and ham in it make it wonderful.

This is another time that taking a chance paid off.

For dinner we went to a local pub, McSweeney’s. I thought I would go lighter and order a burger. It was huge! However, I did try Smithwicks Irish Ale and I am hooked.

The Old Fat Guy

Bangers and Mash, What Else Are You Going to Eat in Dublin


We started off with another Irish guest house breakfast. It is almost like they want o show off. I had a fruited oatmeal that was wonderful.

We ended up at Howth, a seaside community north of Dublin. We bought prawns and fish and chips from a food truck on the fishing pier. They were fresh Dublin bay prawns and they were incredible.

First, they were obviously fresh. Then she dredged them in a breading mixture. Then  she poured a thin batter over them and deep fried them very quickly. They were among the best prawns I have ever had.

Dinner was at Paddy Cullen’s Pub. I had a big mess of bangers and mash. Hardly fancy but very good. We had it with Smithwicks Irish Ale. Another new find we really enjoy.

The Fat Old Guy

Tonight, Pasta In Dublin


Our first full day in Dublin was Good Friday. In Ireland, there are no liquor sales allowed and many businesses are closed. Fortunately, our guesthouse, the Ariel House supplied a great breakfast.

I had pancakes with streaky bacon. It is similar to our bacon but is leaner has a milder smoke and cure. I liked the leaner part but I missed the full on smoke flavour.

We went to a great hitorical site, Newgrange. There are huge tunnel tombs there that are 1000 years older than the pyramids. However, the interesting part for this foodblog was a dessert we got at a nearby farm attraction called Banofee pie. It is a banana, custard, cream and biscuit dessert that is to die for.

When we got back to Dublin, we were a little concerned about the dinner meal. However, we wandered a bit and found a small Italian restaurant, Al Boschetto. They made a perfect spaghetti for me and tasty ravioli for the missus. It was unusual to have pasta without wine though.

It was pointed out that even the Vatican doesn’t ban liquor sales on good Friday. Go explain the Irish!

The Old Fat Guy

Air Canada Executive Class Meals

We were off to our Ireland vacation. I’d blown the savings and booked us with Air Canada’s executive class. I had fillet for the dinner and She Who Must Be Obeyed had salmon. The meal was Ok but you just can’t make haute cuisine when you have to reheat it.

That being said, it was served with a very nice malbec and I had a generous serving of Remy Martin VSOP cognac.

The breakfast was a cheese omelet, sausage and a croissant. I am not a fan of fried eggs but the rest was tasty.

Overall, the food was high quality but not stunning. The wine and liquors were top drawer.

It is a rough life but someone has to do it.

More on the food from the trip to come.

The Old Fat Guy