4H Taught Me About Food

I was honoured to be asked by 4H to judge a speech contest. It was a wonderful experience.

The young speakers were talented and spoke with a confidence I didn’t have at their age. They were very impressive.

One of the speeches was about production of food and the addition of antibiotics, steroids and treatment at the feed lots. I learned a lot about commercial production of food, not all good!

I am so impressed that the 4H organization is not just growing our future leaders but is helping them learn and communicate this kind of information.

The Old Fat Guy

Club House La Grille No Salt Added Steak Spice, Makes a Good Burger

Steak Spice

I like Montreal Steak spice. Unfortunately, it comes with a drawback. It has a lot of salt. She Who Must Be Obeyed notes that is bad for me (I hate it when she is right). Also, I think a lot of salt on grilled meat makes it a bit drier. I have no proof of that except my experience. Continue reading Club House La Grille No Salt Added Steak Spice, Makes a Good Burger

Old Bay With Blackened Seasoning, OK Seasoning, Not So OK For Blackened Spice

This was originally posted on February 21, 2014. It has been reposted due to a catastrophic back up failure by my web host.

Blackened Cod

I like Old Bay Spice and I like blackened fish. This product seemed like a natural.  I started with a piece of cod. I melted some butter in a cast iron pan over high heat. As soon as it melted, I put the cod in the butter and turned it. I put it on a plate and gave both sides a generous dusting of the Old Bay With Blackened Spices Continue reading Old Bay With Blackened Seasoning, OK Seasoning, Not So OK For Blackened Spice

In a Hurry? Make Your Own Quick Breaded Pork Chops

Quick Breaded Pork Chops

I will not knock packaged breading mixes. They taste fine. However, they are full of sodium and chemicals. OK, maybe I will knock them.
Considering how easy it is to bread a pork chop, I just don’t see the reason to use the commercial products.

I start by applying any seasoning blend you like on the pork chops. I used a Cajun Blend on these chops. Then mix 1 teaspoon mayonnaise with 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard for each chop. For example, for 2 chops I mixed 2 teaspoons mayonnaise with one teaspoon Dijon.

Spread 1/2 the mixture on one side of the pork chops. Spread 1 1/2 tablespoons of dried bread crumbs on each pork chop and press the crumbs into the mayonnaise mix.

Turn the pork chops, apply the seasoning, spread with the mayo mixture and press in crumbs.

Put it on a greased tray and into a 400 F oven. For 5/8 inch pork chops, cook for ten minutes and carefully turn the chop. Cook for another 10 minutes and make sure the internal temperature is at least 150 F. Serve.

Quick Breaded Pork Chops1

The Verdict

You can make the seasonings in any variety you like. You make them as strong as you like. The bread crumbs brown and crisp nicely. Low salt, low fat and tasty. What else could you ask for?

The Old Fat Guy