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Gayle’s Low Fat Sausage Gravy

A friend had a cardiac incident and mentioned my recipes were mostly not allowed on his new diet. I really felt for him but have cooked for various restrictions and realize you can make good food that is low fat. What is something you think you might never have again on a low fat diet? Sausage Gravy? Wrong. Here is a tasty low fat version. Continue reading Gayle’s Low Fat Sausage Gravy

Roast Beef Gravy

Roast Beef Gravy at oldfatguy.ca

I’ve been talking about my friends, Heather and Bill, coming over with a bottle of Aviation Gin and the drinks we made. Of course, there was food. I made a roast beef. The problem with making roast beef is that they are trimming roast of most of the fat these days. If you cook up a round or similar roast, there just aren’t the fat and juices that let our mothers make great gravy. It requires a few tricks to make a richly flavoured gravy that is worthy of roast beef. Continue reading Roast Beef Gravy