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Hickory Smoked Cheese

Hickory Smoked Cheese at

I bought 2 kinds of cheddar, some Monterey Jack and some jalapeno jack.

When I made Bacon in an earlier post, I needed to cold smoke it. I took the opportunity to cold smoke some cheese at the same time. I have smoked cheese before but I always tended toward lighter smoke flavours, oak, cherry or apple for example. I decided I wanted to try hickory this time for a stronger smoke flavour. Continue reading Hickory Smoked Cheese

Sweet Tequila Wings

Sweet Tequila Wings at

We were having a friend over for wine and appetizers. I was going to make chicken wings. She Who Must Be Obeyed informed me she wanted the wings to have crispy skin. I like my wings sticky but it is possible to have both. The secret is putting lots of butter on the chicken skin while it is cooking and then tossing them in a sticky sauce. So, I invented Sweet Tequila Wings.

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