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A Great Sandwich From A Great Foodie

Every once in a while, something happens that just improves your mood. I have been suffering from a bad cold for a week and feel terrible. I am in withdrawal from cooking. Then I got some great news.

I have listed a great blog from someone I admire in my blog roll, Foodie Home Chef. In addition to making great food, she has an artists flare for her photography. She has posted a picture of a pastrami sandwich that is work of art! She was also kind enough to give a nod to my PWE Pastrami post. It is a great honour to have someone this talented mention you. Thanks!

The Old Fat Guy

Milk Can Dinner

Milk Can Dinner at

Some very kind friends in Montana invited my friend and me for golf and a football game. They spoiled us rotten in many ways including a great and different dinner!

They layered bratwurst and vegetables in a milk can, added beer and heated it over a propane burner. Then the contents were dumped into a clean cooler and everyone helped themselves.



The Verdict

This made a really great meal. All the vegetables were fully cooked but still had a great firm texture. There was a great flavour that spread through all.

I will have to investigate this and try it myself. Now I just have to persuade She Who Must Be Obeyed that I need a milk can.

The Old Fat Guy

Green Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes

We had a cold and wet July and it put my tomatoes behind. We are already getting frost here in the mountains. The net result is that I have a lot of green tomatoes. So, I was making my Green Tomato Mincemeat and thought I should remind all of you that this is a good way to use green tomatoes.

Also, have you ever tried replacing 1/3 of the apples in pie, cobbler or crisp with green tomatoes? Try it! It still tastes like apples but it has a touch of sour like green apples. It is really good.

The Old Fat Guy