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Rum and Coke Ribs, A Christmas Season Experiment


It is the weekend before Christmas and She Who Must Be Obeyed wanted glazed back ribs I normally do a maple glaze but I was out of maple syrup. Going into town on the weekend before Christmas is scarier than a mother in law so it was time to improvise. I like an
occasional enhanced soda pop this time of year so I decided to make Rum and Coke Ribs. Continue reading Rum and Coke Ribs, A Christmas Season Experiment

Canadian Andouille


I love smoked cured sausage but it is so high in fat. At least the stuff I make myself is a little lower in salt and fat.

Andouille is made in different ways in countries around the world. My recipe is based on a Cajun style adjusted for my mild Canadian taste buds. It is moderately spicy with a nice onion, garlic finish.
If you would like to see more details on how I made it, you can seem my post on the Smoking Meat Forums. Continue reading Canadian Andouille