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Mountain Berry Jam

Mountian Berry Jam at

I had a good crop of raspberries, strawberries and haskaps this year.  I wanted some jam but which kind to make? As there is just myself and She Who Must Be Obeyed, making a batch of each would be way too much jam. I had a look around the Bernardin Canning site and found a recipe for Bumbleberry Jam that uses raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Necessity being the mother of invention, I substituted haskap berries for the blueberries. Continue reading Mountain Berry Jam

Bernardin Peach Pie Filling

Bernardin Peach Pie Filling at

This is fresh fruit time of year in British Columbia. I got some wonderful Okanagan peaches from a fruit stand while travelling. Of course, they are great fresh but I bought enough to do some preserving. I had seen the Bernardin Peach Pie Filling in their excellent canning book and I love peach pie and cobbler. Canning some of the peaches would let me have pie and cobblers this winter. It had to be done! Continue reading Bernardin Peach Pie Filling

Crab Apple Jelly (The Old Way)

Crab Apple Jelly the Old Way at

I have a crab apple tree. It produces crab apple prolifically. I have a sweet tooth. Crab Apple Jelly is a natural.

I have always used an old fashioned long boil to make my jelly. However, using commercial pectin is easier and more fool proof. Being a fool, I wondered about trying the commercial pectin method. So, I did both. This post is the old long boil method with no commercial pectin added. Continue reading Crab Apple Jelly (The Old Way)